April 6th, 2023

happy spring, and happy belated birthday to me!

for the past few weeks, i've been finishing up school before spring break (aka this week), and it went by smoothly. the only trouble i faced was catching a hellish stomach bug and i'm not even exaggerating when i say it made me feel some of the worst pain i've ever felt in my life (at least that i can remember, and i usually forget stuff like that after a good bit).

i also started playing limbus company when i was sick and holy shit i just realized i already have 27 hours on it wtf i've only been playing this game for a week and a half. anyways i think i really like this game, especially for a gacha game that i probably would have never played if it wasn't made by project moon. i heavily recommend playing or at the very least watching their other games (LobCorp + LoR) if you're interested in limbus but barely know anything about project moon's previous games. if you want to get into limbus asap ( + especially if you don't want to even slightly spoil yourself for the other games) i recommend at the very least watching the lobcorp story beforehand since limbus references the aftermath of lobotomy corporation quite a bit.

ok that's enough rambling about limbus, now back to the more important news: yesterday was my birthday! i only got a few gifts this year, but they've all been great. the first two i've recieved are the Genki ShadowCast and a switch gift card to go with it. so far, it's been running very well on my laptop! here's how it looks in resolution mode:

overall, if you've got a good computer, i would say it's definitely worth it for a cheaper capture card!

the inkopolis dlc is one of the things i bought with the gift card. i've only barely looked at it (been busy grinding limbus. canto iii has been kicking my ass.) but since i never had a wii u to play splatoon 1, seeing inkopolis plaza for myself for the first time is so exciting. also can't wait for the second half of the dlc once it's released.

i've still been waiting to get one more gift. i've been planning to go to MomoCon this year as erika furudo (umineko). thankfully, my mom has already bought our tickets, so now i'm just waiting for the costume itself to get here, which will most likely be tomorrow. i've been so excited to get it and go to the con itself for a while, but alas i must wait a little longer.

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